There is a door-to-door school bus service program run by Shanghai Livingston American School.

The cost per student for each semester is RMB 6,500.

For additional information please contact:

Ms. Emily Zhang at +86(21) 135-2448-4553 or Information Center: +86(21) 6238-3511 or +86(21) 5218-8372

Click here to download the Bus Registration Form (Word)

School Bus Routes:
Bus #
1 Mr.?Louis South Jin Hui Road >>> Korean Town
2 Ms.?Corra Yishan Road >>> Long Ming Road
3 Mr. Melo Riviera Oasis >>> Weining Road
4 Ms.?Yang Uptown >>> Cuiyu Road
5 Ms.?Fay Sun Plaza >>> Zi Yun Road
6 Ms. Janny Huang Jin Cheng Road >>> Rong Hua Dong Road
7 Ms. Zhou Mandarin City Phase I >>> Mandarin City Phase II
8 Mr. Bradley Jiangsu Road >>> Cloudnine Shopping Centre
9 Ms. Xie Yelian Road Gaojing Road Huqingping Highway
10 Ms.?Gong Huangjin Cheng Road >>> Manao Road
11 Ms. Lisa Xuying Road >>> Jinfeng Road
12 Ms.?Shirley Changning Road >>> Zhongshan Park
13 Ms.?Guo Hongqiao Road Hongmei Road Hami Road
14 Mr. Nico Puming Road >>> Pucheng Road
15 Ms.?Joselyn West Guangyuan Road >>> Tianyaoqiao Road
16 Ms. Lu Hongxin Road >>> Hongquan Road
17 Ms. Wang Yanlord END
18 Ms. Zhou Xikang Road >>> Anfu Road
19 Ms.?Rose Xinlong Road >>> Zhongchun Road
20 Ms.?Judy Gulang Road East Yunling Road Xiangzhang Road